Jan. 31, 2011

Bash script to mirror WordPress MU installation into a sandbox

This bash script will let you replicate a WordPress MU blog environment from live installation into a sandbox, altering and rewriting wp-config.php and database entries to make sure URLs work the right way.

Most WordPress installations in the corporate world have development cycles like this: Dev -> QA -> Production.

This is wrong.

It should go Production -> Dev -> QA (Presuming if things check out, changes are pushed live.)

Sure, the standard operation might work before you launch the blogs - but - after that point content and configuration ends up mutating server conditions. Thus, replicating the environment to either troubleshoot, modify or install new components becomes a large chore.

Most developers end up with an environment where development is so far removed from production that they end up wasting inordinate amount of time communicating with QA over replicating simplest of bugs.

This example shows one machine replicating to a sandbox subdomain, though this should work fine over mounted fileshares. These are script configuration options that would clone http://blogs.mywebsite.com/ into http://sandbox.mywebsite.com/

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Jan. 26, 2011

Slow down, you crazy web developers

World of IT and web development splits into two groups:

  • the guys who come in at 9, drink coffee until 11 and then do a few hours of work while pretending they're important
  • self-driven individuals who work 55 hours a week, take pride in their work and care to be useful for their colleagues

It gets interesting when work environments complain about either of the groups. For the slackers, it's a good reprimand.  For the other group - well - it feels like this some days:

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Jan. 18, 2011

ULSIAC - Most frequent starting letters for news headlines

Letter Count
U 2750
L 2381
S 2066
I 1771
A 1630
C 1541
B 1131
P 1109
T 1087
R 1010
N 963
E 957
O 899
M 806
F 761
G 691
H 490
J 448
W 395
D 353
K 315
V 225
Y 83
Z 51
Q 37
X 3

Source: Voice of America

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Jan. 10, 2011

Month-long minecraft server connection log

This is a peculiar graph; it shows a month of activity of minecraft server transitioning from alpha to beta (big gap, week worth of downtime) from the server log files.  Connections are blue), and verified users are red.  Though the SMP server was limited to 30-40 connections, as you can see number of connections and users exceeded that amount often.

Immediate drops are server restarts; for the most part they were done because the minecraft server would become unresponsive. This suggests two things:

  1. Not all connections and disconnections are logged in the minecraft SMP log file
  2. *OR* Minecraft SMP connection / session manager is leaking memory and causing crashes after a time.

Regarding the latter- after the beta came out, there is a noticable dropoff in number of connections the log file mentions. Was there a connection leak that got fixed? Or at least fixed more?

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