Aug. 29, 2012

Apology index, per country

Often enough, I'll see things like "U.S. Apologized for" in news articles. And every once in awhile, I'll see a different country mentioned. Obviously, this sort of thing is a metonym, but the curiosity got the better of me. How many other countries apologize for things?

So, I set out to anger Google and search through an entire list of countries that apologized for things. Many Google captcha laters, I came up with a list of results for "___ apologized/es for."  When you plot this list against the GDP, it starts looking interesting.

Mouseover a country, or click a grid slice to zoom in

Now, before you can conclude that China and Japan are the honey badgers of apologies, this little dataset is not scientific.  Or, it is insofar that you must understand its limitations.  Google estimates and limits its results, countries vary in web presence, and not everyone writes in English in their internet spheres.

Instead of a literal number of apologies, this charticle shows English language presence on the internet and, to some extent, maturity of their public diplomacy efforts.


Data: Sample was taken in December of 2011.  GDP is in millions. Countries making a ton of money are boldfaced.

Country Results GDP
USA 666,000 14,526,550
Israel 506,000 217,445
Canada 504,000 1,577,040
Syria 278,000 59,330
Egypt 107,000 218,465
Australia 106,000 1,237,363
Japan 104,000 5,458,797
Mexico 87,200 1,034,308
Uruguay 84,200 40,272
Chile 66,500 203,299
United Kingdom 56,900 2,250,209
Poland 42,500 469,401
Cameroon 34,000 22,522
Kenya 31,700 32,092
Philippines 31,400 199,591
China 31,200 5,878,257
Netherlands 25,100 780,668
Serbia 23,800 38,009
Iran 21,500 407,382
Malaysia 19,500 237,959
Thailand 18,300 318,908
Korea, South 15,100 1,014,482
Jordan 12,500 26,447
Guatemala 11,800 41,178
Angola 9,800 82,471
Turkey 9,700 735,487
Germany 9,650 3,286,451
France 8,310 2,562,742
Ireland 7,590 206,985
New Zealand 7,510 140,509
India 6,790 1,631,970
Colombia 5,760 289,433
Vietnam 5,700 103,574
Libya 4,060 71,336
Russia 3,910 1,479,825
Sweden 3,760 458,725
Georgia 3,460 11,665
Spain 3,320 1,409,946
Norway 3,190 412,990
Greece 3,090 305,415
Cambodia 3,060 11,629
Iraq 2,900 81,112
Singapore 2,830 222,699
Bolivia 2,670 19,810
Denmark 2,500 309,866
Guinea 2,330 4,633
Republic of China (Taiwan) 2,050 429,845
Slovakia 2,000 87,450
Italy 1,820 2,055,114
Brazil 1,740 2,090,314
Indonesia 1,730 706,752
Chad 1,620 8,557
Peru 1,470 153,802
Papua New Guinea 1,440 9,520
El Salvador 1,300 21,215
Yemen 1,230 31,315
Pakistan 1,120 176,870
Sudan + South Sudan 1,070 65,389
Ukraine 1,020 137,934
Belgium 994 467,779
Lebanon 928 39,236
Suriname 889 3,682
Country Results GDP
Croatia 874 60,834
Uganda 772 17,011
Zimbabwe 419 7,476
Bulgaria 254 47,702
Ghana 245 32,321
Argentina 243 369,992
Afghanistan 158 15,541
South Africa 154 363,655
Hungary 133 130,421
Nigeria 81 202,576
Switzerland 79 527,920
Austria 77 377,382
Saudi Arabia 76 448,360
Iceland 65 12,594
Samoa 65 530
Benin 58 6,574
Estonia 54 19,253
Burma 52 45,428
Jamaica 49 13,356
Moldova 48 5,810
Macedonia, Republic of 39 9,214
Bosnia and Herzegovina 30 16,530
Portugal 20 229,154
Montenegro 9 4,017
Panama 8 26,808
Ethiopia 8 29,717
Kuwait 8 132,569
Congo, Democratic Republic of the 8 13,103
Congo, Republic of the 8 12,030
Paraguay 7 18,427
Venezuela 7 293,268
Belarus 7 54,713
Romania 7 161,629
Namibia 6 11,700
Zambia 6 16,192
Trinidad and Tobago 6 20,375
Fiji 6 3,109
Honduras 5 15,347
Bahrain 5 22,656
Luxembourg 5 55,195
Haiti 5 6,575
Morocco 5 91,135
Cyprus 5 23,174
Liberia 4 989
Mauritius 4 9,724
Albania 4 11,898
Finland 4 239,177
Hong Kong 4 224,459
Tanzania 4 22,543
Armenia 3 9,371
Ecuador 3 57,978
Mongolia 3 6,244
Laos 3 6,461
Rwanda 3 5,578
Lithuania 3 36,370
Eritrea 3 2,117
Nepal 3 15,710
Czech Republic 2 192,030
United Arab Emirates 2 302,039
Seychelles 2 937
Malta 2 8,271
Sri Lanka 2 49,536
Country Results GDP
Slovenia 2 47,733
Grenada 1 789
Tuvalu 1 31
Sierra Leone 1 1,905
Swaziland 1 3,698
Maldives 1 2,168
Barbados 1 4,110
Nicaragua 1 6,551
Latvia 1 24,013
Kazakhstan 1 148,047
Bangladesh 1 105,560
Botswana 1 14,866
Senegal 1 12,865
Tunisia 1 44,278
Mali 1 9,389
Azerbaijan 1 54,370
Bahamas, The 1 7,700
Belize 0 1,401
Guinea-Bissau 0 837
Oman 0 57,851
Djibouti 0 1,129
Qatar 0 127,332
Saint Lucia 0 1,198
Antigua and Barbuda 0 1,245
Gambia, The 0 1,059
Vanuatu 0 693
Tonga 0 363
São Tomé and Príncipe 0 214
Kiribati 0 152
Algeria 0 157,759
Dominica 0 476
Comoros 0 574
Bhutan 0 1,457
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 0 684
Saint Kitts and Nevis 0 676
Timor-Leste 0 628
Solomon Islands 0 717
Central African Republic 0 1,987
Kosovo 0 5,562
Niger 0 5,493
Malawi 0 5,397
Equatorial Guinea 0 14,500
Gabon 0 13,137
Tajikistan 0 5,642
Madagascar 0 8,837
Burkina Faso 0 8,961
Mozambique 0 9,495
Brunei 0 12,371
Kyrgyzstan 0 4,615
Turkmenistan 0 20,001
Lesotho 0 2,316
Guyana 0 2,258
Dominican Republic 0 51,626
Cape Verde 0 1,665
Uzbekistan 0 38,987
Togo 0 3,183
Côte d\'Ivoire 0 22,963
Costa Rica 0 35,789
Mauritania 0 3,629
Burundi 0 1,489
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Aug. 24, 2012

Inventory of belongings from a deceased person, Samuel Collins, taken in 1708

One of my University assignments was to transcribe an early 18th century property inventory taken from the Edward H. Nabb Research Center archive in Salisbury, MD.  These inventories were legal documents listing decedent's estate belongings and their estimated value.  Being handwritten, these records could be very difficult to read.

Luckily, my author had an exceptionally steady hand. What's really fascinating, aside from inventory contents, is the variations in spelling.

Aside from transcribing the inventory, I later had to dig through microfilm records and try to piece his life together. Not much is known from local records in Somerset County about his life prior to arriving in Maryland, but I estimated that he was born around 1646. According to records, he immigrated to Somerset County around May 5th, 1679 and received headrights for fifty acres of land. He arrived here with an important trade skill – a bricklayer.


Folio Scans


Timeline and Known Facts/Documents

1646Samuel Collins born, exact date unknown - derived from a legal document 46 years later
Sep 10th, 1678Deed of indenture for Joseph Staten
May 5th, 1679Head rights awarded 50 acres
Sep 3rd, 1680Married to Margarett Hodson
Feb 15th, 1681Buys 200 acres for 5000 lb of tobacco
Jun 30th, 1681Daughter Sarah born
Jan 6th, 1683Son Samuel born
May 29th, 1687Daughter Anne born
Mar 6th, 1688Indenture document, identifying Samuel as a bricklayer, discharges servant Joseph Staten for 2,320 lbs of tobacco and grants him a 50-acre parcel of land
Sep 15th, 1689Son John born
Oct 7th, 1689Court deposition stated Samuel was 43 years of age when, while on work site, he witnessed a man mistreat his wife. Samuel tried to defuse the situation peacefully, but when that effort failed and the husband erupted, Samuel physically stopped him from harming his wife.
Feb 3rd, 1690Wife files legal complaint for stolen hogs
Aug 8th, 1692Daughter Mary born
May 22nd, 1700Patent awarded - 223 acres
Jan 12th, 1707Will drafted citing poor health
May 24th, 1708Inventory taken by closest of kin, Samuel and John


Transcript (numbers are pounds / shillings / pence)

Inventory of the goods Chattels and Liens of Samuel Collins late of Somerset County deceased taken and appraised in Money by Hugh Porter and Donnock Dennis Jun 7 being authorised and sworn doe apprise as followeth inny

56 year old stears8160
44 year old Ditto at480
22 year old Ditto at0180
1large bull at100
12 year old Ditto at0100
42 year old heffers at140
13 year old ditto very small0120
3cowes and 3 calves at1100
12yearlings at440
1small heffer at080
9ewes and 9 lambs at3120
2rams at0120
3ewes at110
11weathiers at480
1old negro man called Joanas2500
1old negro woman Nado1000
1younger Ditto called Doll2500
1small negro gal called Jeanney1000
12 year old negrow boy called Will600
1black gilding at2100
1gray Ditto at1150
1old mair and colt at200
10cowes at1200
1old chest and a small box at070
1old feather bed covering and bedstid2100
1set of curtins and wallins150
1old fattail bead and coveringand bedsteds at100
1old bed and feathers at140
1old feather bead and covering and bedstid at280
1large chist at0120
1small ditto with lock and key080
1small box with a lock030
1small old ditto018
2small trunks at040
1feather bed and furniture and bedslip at4100
1couch at0160
6old flag chairs at090
21old books at100
1small seail airo compass at020
1pair of large stillards at0160
1pair of smaller ditto at0100
1gunn at0160
1silver belt raper and belt and favn at300
3old brace candle sticks at046
18lbold pewter at090
15lbof ditto at076
1large flaggin at030
13pewter spoons at020
3old iron candlesticks016
4old case knives and old case at010
1old hackell 2pn of old cards and 4 old sifters026
2small looking glacces026
1old bench and 5 old stooles 2 old 2 small old benches026
6yards of fincy woley and one very small old blanket086
1flail at 1/ 1 cooper use ads howel ciols and campas at066
1gouge 3 chesell 1 pair carpenters compals and one round shave032
1frow 1 hand saw old 2 plawis drawing knife 3 ougwed032
1jointer iron up 1 old brace koifer at 2ft 12 glare bottles of 1 2d049
4earthen pans at 2/ and 4 broken ditto at 6o026
11indian bowles 1 old spit tray at 3/6 to apparsel of old lumber056
4sydes of leather 16/5 sides of small ditto at 15/ 8 small skins at 4/161150
2old wheels at 5/ 1 old spit096
10old chatters laske 4/ 1 old saddell at 10 bushells of salt at190
3pair of schoos 1 pair of hand mill stones at 1120
1half bushel 1 peck at 2/6 old crofs eut saw at 8/0106
3old fiells at 6o ironpot 44lb of 11/ 1 ditto 57lb at 14/ 1 small ditto 24lb1116
2fring pans at 8/ 1 small iron spit at 2/ 1 old box iron 2 heaters at 2/6076
1old pot racks at 1 old torch 1 small old fable 4/060
4old small iron wedges at 3’030
5100 gallos casks at 12/6 2 70 gall ditto 4/ 6.50 gallo ditto at116
2old tubs at 2/ 2 old brakes at 2/ 6 hides at 15/ 1 whip saw 6/ at150
3hides 7/6 3 small yearling skins at 1/6 1 ditto 1/0100
1hide at 2/6 7 harrow teath 1 old plowe at 9/ 1 pair cart wheels 2at1100
2small old bunlets 1/6 1 old spaid at 2/6 4/4 fourpeny nails 10o0410
3old broad howes o 52 of old iron at 4/4 1 grid iron 2/60910
6large barrowes at440
2smaller ditto at120
8ditto at L .81 barrow 8/ and 11 shvats at L 1 18490
8barrows at L 4.16 and 2 sowes spaid 11 barrowes L 6.12 at1280
7sowes at L2.9 and 3 barrowes 3 spaid sowes at L 3.65150
1dolfor at046
Jo 27rrlbof Job at 4/k 100 is599

Inventory of the goods chattels and credits of Samuel Collins late of Somerset County deceased returned under our hands and seals this 24th of May Anne 1708
Hugh Porter (seal)
Dommock Dennis Jr (seal)
This are to certifie all persons whatsoever that are concerned in the above said inventory that we Samuel Collins & John Collins being two of the nearest of kin were present at the above said appraisement as witness our hands and allowes of the same. Samuel Collins John Collins 1708

The hog theft

In 1690, Samuel's wife reported a hog theft.  This is a transcript from a legal document [original].

Maryland Somerset County Ssc.

Whereas Complaint is this day (to wit the 3d. day of ffebruary ano. Domi. 1690/1 made by Margertt the wife of Samuel: Collins, that at divers times they lost Certain fatt hoggs but more espetially about Sabbath day last they lost one fatt hogg, which they have strong presumption to beleeve to be Stollen and carryed away by some person or persons lately come into these parts, as by many shrewd & palpable Circumstances seems concurring thereto , And she the said Margret having in Suspition some psons as above sd hath therefore craved this warrant that Search may be made &c.

These are therefore in their Maties Name to will and require as also strictly to charge and Command you John:Starrett Constable of Pocomoke hundred that imediatly at sight hereof you make diligent Search in all Such Suspitious places where the sd Porke may be found, as you shall be directed by the sd Samull Collins or Margerett his wife according to Law, and if found that you bring the same along with the party with whom its found, either before me or Some other of their Maties Justices of the Peace for this County, to be proceeeded agt as in Such cases provided by Act of Assembly And hereof you are not to fail as you will answer the Contrary &c. given under my hand and Seal this day and year above sd ffrancis: Jenckins ?

Reply from the Constable:

----- To mr. Jno. Starrett Constable of Pocomoke hundred these Executed and nothing found pr me John: Starrett.
But the sd Starrett Complaining to this Court of being abused by Richard Small and Honora his wife in the prosecution of his Office the Court Orders Process issue agt the sd Small & his wife to answer to their Maties. &c.

Despite the search, the "said Porke" was not recovered, and the poor constable got yelled by Mr. And Mrs. Small.




Samuel stops domestic violence at a work site

Portions of this testimony are Samuel's own words.  His vocabulary, sentence structure. What he sounded like, and what he thought like. (Transcript one, two)

The Deposition of Samuel: Collins about 43 years of age.

This Deponent saith that being at work at the house of Teague Riggen Senior. of Morumscoe, upon the 7th day of october Anno. 1689 after night the said Teague Riggon quarrelled with his wife Mary:Riggen, calling her oftentimes, Toad (bitch) and whore, and turnd her out of doors, warning her not to come into his house that night, she going out of the door he took in his hands a peice of wood of about 4 Inches square or thereabout, and about 18 inches long ( )as I could guess, and did heave it at her with great force, but it happenned to fall short about halfe a foot of her and with the force that it hitt the ground made rebound above a foot from the ground, after that he went to bed his wife Mary came to his chamber door asking him if he would lett her putt her children to bed, and yt he would not misuse her, he told her she might come and lye there that night, for he would take day light to bang her or words (to that) purpose.

next morning I being a bed with young Teague Riggen and Edward Dickenson (in the loft) I heard a noise below (seemingly) as if there were blows given, whereupon I calld to my Bedfellows desireing them (to come down stairs) Coming down stairs, Mary Riggen shewd her arms which were (made black by ------and) he said, he then told her if she had not made such hast of his way he would he would have made her buttocks
black, and both she desireing him to allow her a maintenance if she could not

To him as another, asking her to show her Certificate after this he desired me to go to John Ellis his house to drink Cyder. I endeavoured to disswade him from the same, he urged me severall times, at last he was going by himselfe I stepped a litle way after him desireing him to come back again, and not go, but he still urged me to go with him whereupon I replyed, if you will come back with me in a short space, and lett this fowd cease, and have no more difference with your wife, I will go along with you, he replyed he would.

I went with him, and in some time he came back with me, and I thought he would have made true his words, but coming home,(his wife sitting by the fire, he seemingly going to light his pipe, takes up a great brands end of fire, and went to heave it full upon his wife, whereupon I stept to him, and took it from him, and he drove her out of doors yt night



Samuel's Will

Citing declining health, he drafted his will a year prior to passing away. His wife Margaret received the plantation and slaves to assist her until her death; younger son John would take over afterward.  Most his slaves and land were given to his two sons, Samuel and John. The oldest son received most of it -- 300 acres called King's Neck, 200 acres called Hanock Hall, and remainder of "Late Discovery" -- while the younger one inherited his rapier and cane -- status symbols.

His daughters, Anne and Mary, received some cattle and chunks of their sizable property; older had been married, and it's implied that her husband had provided for all her needs. Samuel, a family man, did one peculiar thing.  He left an orchard called "Snows Hill" to his youngest daughter Mary, with instructions to give her mother one third of apples every year.

Now that's thoughtful.

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