Oct. 24, 2016

Minecraft Square Moderator Application Age Distribution

Back in 2010 I ran a moderately popular minecraft server called Minecraft Square.  Its niche was fast hardware with tons of ram in the days when such servers didn't affordably exist.  As hosting hardware improved in the industry and my attention span diminished, I sunset and shutdown the server.

However, I kept various server logs and parsing them from time to time is somewhat interesting.  Back then we allowed any players to apply to become a moderator, and asked for some information for a panel to review them as a candidate. Below is a graph of their age distribution collected from 2010 to 2011.


Sample size is approximately 345, and the highest bar there at age 14 was 43 applications.

The moderator applicant ages were self-reported.  Much later, some players admitted they inflated their age in order to improve their chances in the process through perceived maturity, which confirmed what we occasionally suspected at the time. The distribution graph's bell curve suggests to me that many kids probably did the same, since a vast majority of applicants were 11-16.

There's a steep dropoff at age 17, and my speculation is that 17 year olds wanted to round themselves up to 18, a symbolic age of being seen as a trustworthy adult.

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