Feb. 27, 2012

About Me

In my Minecraft-themed Office

I'm a web developer / data journalist for Voice of America in DC. Previously, I worked for the Baltimore Sun in the same capacity, and before that I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Salisbury University with a history degree.

After graduating, I relocated back to the mainland and started this disorganised blog - calling it my anabasis (return to mainland from the coastline, inspired by Xenophon c. 400 BCE). My current home is Baltimore, where I practice herding my two cats.

My geek-toolbelt as of late includes Python, lots of PHP / MySQL development, sphinx-search integration, visualization with RaphaelJS and mapping APIs.

Prior to switching to humanities, for a time I studied computer science, electrical engineering and sporadically worked on developing hardware and software solutions for orthopedic & biomechanical engineering research labs. Over the years I made circuits, programmed PIC microcontrollers in RISC assembly, and made Halloween pumpkin light flash circuits out of 555 timer ICs.

But, I never learned how to cook. Work in progress.

Despite my liberal arts degree, my focus is and always has been on science and technology and how it intersects with real life. While some of my news projects were architectural (full cycle CMS programming and such), nearly all others are editorial in nature.

Work on those earned me a 2011 Gold Medal Award by the Broadcasting Board of Governors, and a couple of 2009 MDDC (Maryland-Delaware-D.C. Press Association) awards for use of interactive media in the metro division.


Posts on this blog solely represent my personal opinions and technical experience.

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