Feb. 27, 2012

Handiwork / Portfolio

These are some of the collaborative editorial projects I've worked on over the years. Thanks to my talented colleagues, I was able to overcome my ignorance of sports, somewhat expand my understanding of visual design and really understand the importance of performing a public service.

Voice of America

Opera Speed-Dial Extensions

Opera extension

Wrote Opera browser extensions for Voice of America's Indonesian, Hausa, Spanish, Swahili, Vietnamese and Urdu divisions.

Presidential Election 2012

Using RaphaelJS, TabletopJS and PHP, made a live-update election results map for dozens of VOA sites and affiliates.

Nuclear Reactor Database

Using PHP/MySQL/bash, I scraped IAEA databases of power plant and research reactors and plotted them as a google maps mashup with cluster management.

VOA Blog Network

Launched a WordPress MU blog network and nurtured it into growth of over 25 languages and 100 blogs. Integrated newsroom's Dalet+ feed for automatic publishing.

Olympic Village

Using RaphaelJS/jQuery, made an interactive explaining the 2012 London Olympics

Interactive explained the 2012 London Olympics complex, made using RaphaelJS/jQuery. Interactive was translated to a dozen languages.

Dictionary.com API Tooltip


Wrote a routine to tokenize words in news articles, traversing a mixture of textnodes and paragraphs. These tokenized words could be quickly looked up using Merriam-Webster's Learner's English lookup API. Used jQuery/PHP.


International Students chart

Rendered with Google charting API, chart shows international student trends in the US: China has decisively overtaken India since 2009.

Wheel of Time year ender

Used RaphaelJS to render a series of year-ender slides authored by editors using WordPress. This project was partly an experiment in determining browser render speed limitations.

Self Immolators in Tibet Interactive

Using RaphaelJS, TabletopJS, and IsotopeJS made an interactive

Using RaphaelJS, TabletopJS, and IsotopeJS made an interactive that explores lives of self-immolators in Tibet.

Live coverage: Inauguration Experience

Using PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, made a live coverage mechanism for the 2013 presidential Inauguration.

Using PHP, JavaScript/jQuery, made a live updating map / coverage mechanism for the 2013 presidential Inauguration.

Famine in Somalia

Combined commodity prices with scraped rainfall data and refugee reports to tell a story of cyclic famine in Somalia and market conditions surrounding the tragedy.

9/11 Likert Graphic

Using jQuery / PHP / MySQL, made an interactive quiz and a graphic showing how various readers were affected by 9/11. Data sampling lasted a month and showed how different countries viewed the event.


The Baltimore Sun

Cove Village CO2 Map

Accompanied a news article about high and repeated carbon monoxide measurements in the community. Used PHP/MySQL/Dojo toolkit (JavaScript) to organize carbon monoxide measurements.

Crime Map - Anne Arundel County

Used PHP/MySQL/Fortran/C/Smarty to transform police department crime incident data into a searchable map.

Baltimore City Salary Database

Used PHP/MySQL/Dojo toolkit to organize city fiscal year information into a salary database focusing on overtime.

MyTeam varsity sports

Adapted WordPress into a varsity sports database. Used PHP/MySQL/Dojo toolkit to create a UGC data submission backend for parents and coaches to enter varsity game scores directly - that go into print.

Ravens Review database

Used PHP/MySQL/Dojo toolkit to scrape and organize a database of every Baltimore Sun Ravens story in history.

Orioles Home run database

Used PHP/MySQL/Dojo/Smarty to help create a searchable database of every home run hit by or against an Oriole.

Explore Howard community sites

Worked with a team in developing a set of community paper websites. Used PHP/MySQL/sphinx-search/Dojo toolkit to write a custom CMS for editorial staff.

b the site

Worked with a team, specializing in UGC tools, content aggregation and CMS control, in putting together an accompanying website for the 2008 launch of baltimore's free daily newspaper, circulation 74,000+.

Sun Rewards

Integrated a print subscriber database with a WordPress-powered site, giving marketing teams ability to directly control premium content for readers.


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